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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When did the BCC governing statute become effective?

A: July 1, 2012.

Q: What providers are required to use the BCC?

A: All.

Q: Do I have to use the BCC?  Is it required?

A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Are any employees exempt from the BCC?

A: No.

Q: How do I logon to the BCC?

A: Become an approved IAS and BCC User; enter new username and password.

Q: What is the Rap Back?

A: Continuous monitoring of criminal activity for all persons on the Master List.

Q: If I need a password, how does the public access the BCC?

A: From the Public Access portal on the website—no login required.

Q: What is the Dashboard?

A: The landscape of applicant and employee data which organizes and prioritizes workflow.

Q: What are Notifications?

A: Notifications alert the user of the results of registry checks since the last login.

Q: I know that nursing homes have had to do background checks for some time now but my company is not a nursing home.  We provide home care.  Do we need to be in the BCC?

A: Yes because home care providers come under the statute.

Q: Do I need to logon to the BCC to do a Quick Check of an individual?

A: You do not need to logon to the BCC to access the Quick Check feature.

Q: Do I need a “special” computer or operating system to use the BCC?

A: No, but the minimum requirements are Internet Explorer 7 and Windows XP or newer.

Q: Why doesn’t a “Grandfathered Employee” have to have a criminal background check?

A: Because Grandfathered Employees are exempt from past criminal background checks by statute.

Q: Will I still get a disqualifying letter for an applicant with a felony conviction?

A: Yes, you will continue to receive disqualifying letters providing the convictions(s) are for abuse, neglect or mistreatment.

Q: Why do I have to get an applicant’s consent to access criminal history data when I can access the four public registries without consent?

A: The four public registries are public and therefore do not require consent.

Q: Do I have to pay to use the BCC?

A: After 9/30/13, a user fee will be applied for processing all new applicants.

Q: Who manages the BCC or has the authority to oversee it?



How do we contact the BCC to obtain an account?

A: As the Provider, to obtain an account with the BCC please call  (302) 421-7405

Q: How long is the Criminal History Report (fingerprints) available to the BCC for review?

A: As of June 2018 the Criminal History Reports (fingerprints) are valid for 6 months from the last fingerprint date.

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